Inspirational historical fiction

What was life really like in the ancient civilisations that shaped our world?

Perhaps most people really did have a greater spiritual awareness unsullied by materialism?

Perhaps some had gifts of revelation, innovation and genius long before da Vinci, Galileo et al. Without Gutenberg’s press, who would know in the wider world?

The sun god Shamash

Perhaps the gods really did walk among us, whether for good or evil, their influence dwindling as greed and self-importance became the mantra of emperors and dictators.

Libertas is the story of a baker’s son thrust into to catastrophic world events when Julius Caesar brings his crack legions to a small community in southern Spain. An event that leads to an early signalling method akin to semaphore and Morse code, the invention of the centreboard in sailing, an embryonic torpedo and revelations concerning higher beings.

Goliath is the exciting tale of a young shepherd and his encounter with the last of the nephilim – half man, half angel – killing machines who are weary of their meaningless role in life.

Shamash is the story of a youth deported from the fallen town of Samaria to the wonders of Assyria’s new capital where he will learn his trade as a spy – and the rising terror of a network of religious fanatics.

In all of these historical fiction stories, the powerful intervention of women who know they are better than society’s opinion of them is an essential thread running throughout. The true heroes in the troubled times of famous names such as Julius Caesar, King David and the prophet Isaiah.

As for Cell Wars – The Battle for Brian – that’s another story completely! Like all of my books, it will take you on an amazing journey that you least expected…

I would love to hear from readers and lovers of historical fiction (Libertas, Goliath, Shamash) or allegorical fantasy (Cell Wars). Please use the contact form here.


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