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Alistair Forrest writes inspirational historical fiction. Ancient warfare, yes, but also the politics behind it. Heroics, yes, but from unlikely men and women, young and old. Romance, yes, but also some harsh realities.

Take Libertas for example. 

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This is the story of a baker’s son thrust into catastrophic world events when Julius Caesar brings his crack legions to a small community in southern Spain. He’s been bullied and his friends assaulted. But one day he’ll change the world. He thinks he’s an insignificant coward but fate has other ideas...

Then there’s Straw Gods (yet to be published) — the exciting tale of a young shepherd and his encounter with the last of the nephilim – half man, half angel – killing machines who are weary of their meaningless role in life. This will be Book One in a series entitled The Baseborn King.

Other novels currently being crafted include Shamash, the story of a youth deported from the fallen town of Samaria, and the sweeping epic of Forrest’s grandmother who travelled to Persia during the First World War to marry her Prince Charming.

In all of these historical fiction stories, the powerful intervention of women who know they are better than society’s opinion of them is an essential thread running throughout. 

As for Cell Wars – The Battle for Brian – that’s another story completely. Like all of his books, it will take you on an amazing journey that you least expected…

The author says: "I would love to hear from readers and lovers of historical fiction (LibertasShamash) or allegorical fantasy (Cell Wars)." Please use the contact form here.


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