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Inspirational historical fiction

If you like authors such as Mary Renault, Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden, but you'd like some added ingredients like spirituality and ingenuity with your historical fiction, you'll be inspired by Libertas, Goliath and forthcoming novels.


Libertas was first published by Quaestor2000 of Cheshire, UK, in 2009 with a second edition by Electric Light Fiction due in 2012. Set in the first century BC, there's much more to this inspirational story than an account of Julius Caesar's final victory over the Pompey brothers, Gnaeus and Sextus. It's a tale of bravery, love, invention and hope.


Goliath draws on years of painstaking research into the Old Testament and in particular the story of David and Goliath the way it might have been before the religious scribes got their hands on it! It’s set in the ancient Middle East about 3000 years ago, and dares to suggest that the young shepherd might well have met a certain fearsome charioteer and warrior before the well-known confrontation in the Valley of Elah.


Cell Wars is a bold departure from historical fiction, both in name and nature! Drawing on his experience as editor of natural health magazines, the author has written a unique novel with a strong health message - the story takes place inside the body of an accountant whose lifestyle makes him seriously ill. Perhaps because Cell Wars deals with cancer in a humorous vein, or maybe because the author wanted a different and more easily searched name, this short novel is written under the pseudonym Adam Fox. Published by Electric Light Fiction in October 2011.


Next: Shamash, the story of a young Israelite exile who becomes an Assyrian diplomat in the court of King Hezekiah of Jerusalem, is set at the time of a famous Biblical prophet who turns out to have a hidden agenda. With parallel settings in Victorian England and ancient Mesopotamia, this novel will transport you to the wonderful yet terrifying age of the Assyrian empire.

I would love to hear from readers and fans of historical fiction, and those who enjoy or learn from Cell Wars. Please use the form on the 'contact me' page.

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