The ideas keep stacking up.

Forrest says: 'I once read that if you don't latch on to the idea as it hits you, before long it will move on to someone else.'

He'd better get weaving. 

Next up, he's writing more historical fiction that finds its inspiration in the struggle between Octavian and Mark Antony while also finding inspiration in other ancient cultures and conflicts.

Line In The Sand, an exciting tale reimagining the Old Testament story of David & Goliath before the religious scribes got their hands on it, was published in Spring 2020. Surely plenty of follow-up material here, but Forrest says: "Heck, I need to know folk are interested before I brush up on the death-or-glory rise to stardom of such an infamous character!"


He happens to live just yards from a superbly preserved Iron Age and Roman settlement where archaeologists are bringing up fantastic relics. There's a story right there.

And a Medieval monk turned pirate plundered the shipping all around the island where he lives.

And for good measure, his grandmother dodged German u-boats in the Great War to marry his grandfather in what was then Persia — on the promise that he would build her a golf course!

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